Aleksi Halsas - CEO & Co-founder @Clevenio

April 22, 2024

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Aleksi Halsas is B2B Sales enthusiast and CEO & Co-founder of Clevenio a B2B Sales Engagement Software.

Before founding Clevenio Aleksi Halsas was Partner and Product Owner at Trustmary. Aleksi also has a previous startup called KOVA Esports in the esports space.

Aleksi’s main expertise is in B2B Sales and he offers insights to what he sees working in B2B Sales and how companies can improve their sales with sales tech.

In the past Aleksi has also worked in the marketing space for a long while and spent 7 figures in Meta and Google paid ads.


B2B Sales
Sales engagement
Sales tech
Social selling
Sales development


BBA (University of Jyväskylä Applied Sciences)


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