34 Best Sales Engagement Platforms in 2023

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List of job titles for Sales professionals

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Sales Culture: How to Build a Great Culture for Your Sales Team

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LinkedIn for Sales Prospecting: Best Techniques for SDRs

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What is LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI)?

The Social Selling Index (SSI) is a metric developed by LinkedIn to measure your social selling skills and influence on the platform. It takes into account four key components- your professional brand, your ability to find the right people, your engagement with insights, and your relationships– to provide you with a score out of 100. … Read more

10 Klenty Alternatives to Try in 2023

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What is an Inside Sales Representative?

Inside sales representatives are professionals who sell products or services to potential customers over the phone, email, or online chat. Unlike outside sales representatives who meet face-to-face with customers, inside sales representatives work remotely, reaching out to customers from a centralized location. The role of inside sales representatives is crucial for businesses as they are … Read more