Arena Interactive – More sales opportunities, with the help of multichannel sales automation

Arena Interactive is a Saas company that offers cloud messaging solution for different businesses.

Arena Interactive used Clevenio for getting new sales opportunities from their target audience with the help of automated email and sms messaging.

Sales cadence that Arena Interactive used in their outreach:

  1. Day 1 – Automated email
  2. Day 2 – Automated sms

Key metrics from the cadence:

  • Email response rate: 5,6%
  • Sms response rate: 21,37%
  • Total response rate sms + email: 26,97%

Arena Interactives comment about Clevenio:

“We wanted to boost our sales efforts to our target audience and the sales automation Clevenio offers has really helped us achieve better results in sales. We have used email before but now combining sms + email really increased the total response rate and thus brough better results. Especially SMS really brought significant results for us in the campaign.“ – Janne Ruskovaara, Head of Sales

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