HeiaHeia – Building outbound sales machine

HeiaHeia is a leading wellbeing platform provider with customer deployments worldwide. The platform’s main strengths are its excellent user ratings (rated 4,4 out of 5 stars by thousands of users in app stores), social features that build a sense of belonging & team spirit, and comprehensive challenge technology that allows setting up wellbeing challenges.

The goal for the collaboration with HeiaHeia was to build an outbound sales machine with the aim to scale HeiaHeia’s pipeline generation first in Finland and then internationally. Before starting collaboration with Clevenio, HeiaHeia had tried sales outreach on their own but hadn’t done it systematically to cold audiences.

Collaboration included 3 initial steps:

    1. Clarifying target audience: Building list of target companies and decision makers

    1. Finding 100% correct contact information for right decision makers

    1. Running email sequence to the target audience

Sequence HeiaHeia used on their outreach:

    1. Email – day 1

    1. Email – day 5

Key metrics from the sequence:

    • Reply rate: Around 30%

    • LTV/CAC: well over 3

Why did this kind of sequence work for HeiaHeia?

HeiaHeia had a clear target audience and they have a clear value proposition for that specific audience. They knew exactly the persons they wanted to reach and knew that this kind of solution is in their target persons’ interest.

Comment from the client:

“Clevenio’s expertise and the collaboration overall has been key for enabling us to get going with outbound lead generation. We have just started, but I believe that outbound lead generation will play an important role in our growth in the future.

In the future we will likely use more multichannel sequences to get constantly better results, but it is already nice to see how we can help companies to find solutions to their problems by utilizing this non-intrusive marketing channel”  – Olli Iso-Mustajärvi, CEO, Heiaheia

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