PVAT – More pipeline with multichannel sales cadences

PVAT is a company specialized in helping companies work safely under areas where employees are in risk of falling dangerously.

The collaboration included three parts:

1. Consulting – Clarifying the target audience: criterias for companies and decision makers, and building the messaging for outreach

2. Account and decision maker data – Building list of decision makers with contact info

3. Clevenio software for sales – Multichannel cadences with Clevenio.

PVAT used the following cadence in their outreach:

    1. Day 1 – Automated email

    1. Day 3 – Automated email

    1. Day 4 – Call + txt message if no answer

    1. Day 5 – Call + txt message if no answer

    1. Day 6 – Automated email

    1. Day 7 – Call

Key metrics from the cadence

    • Email open rate: 78,05%

    • Email reply rate: 37,80%

PVATs comments about Clevenio:

“We have been very happy with Clevenio and have already booked many sales opportunities from the cadence. We are just getting started, but our calendar is already quite full for the next spring.

I have earlier tried more of a newsletter type email in my previous business, but the way Clevenio software works brings much better results.” – Timo Kosunen, Entrepreneur

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