Walor.io – Automated market research with cold email

Walor.io is an all-in-one whistleblowing SaaS -solution based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Walor.io helps companies minimize risks and identify internal issues and react to them accordingly.

The goal for Walor.io with Clevenio was to run efficient market research with automated cold emails to get a better grasp of a new market. Walor.io used Clevenio to find the companies and decision makers that are in their ICP and to run an automated email sequence to their target market.

Email sequence Walor.io used contained 3 emails:

  1. Day 1 – Email 1
  2. Day 3 – Email 2
  3. Day 7 – Email 3

The audience was split in terms of employee count and decision maker titles.

Key metrics from the market research:

  • 498 decision makers contacted
  • 78 responses
  • 15,67% response rate

The market research gave the needed data for Walor about the new market they were thinking about to expand to.

Comment from the client:

Since incorporating Clevenio into our market research strategy, we have experienced a significant improvement in our data collection processes. Clevenio has proven to be a valuable tool. We now have the capability to gather comprehensive and reliable market data, allowing us to make informed decisions with confidence. – Frederik Binow, CEO & Co-founder, Walor.io

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