Running effective sales contests is an excellent way to motivate your team and boost their sales performance. By encouraging friendly competition and offering rewards, you can inspire your team to reach their targets while enhancing collaboration and creativity.

In this article, we will explore six sales contest examples that can help you motivate your team and achieve your sales goals. From prize bonanzas to personal development competitions, we’ve got you covered with a range of exciting contest ideas.

Key Takeaways

  • Running sales contests can motivate your team and drive results
  • The right sales contest ideas can inspire friendly competition and encourage creativity
  • We’ll explore six creative sales contest examples in this article

Sales Contest Idea 1: Prize Bonanza Contest

The Prize Bonanza Contest is a fun and effective way to motivate your sales team by offering exciting prizes for hitting specific targets. This contest can drive healthy competition among your team members, which can result in improved performance and increased productivity. Here’s how you can set up a Prize Bonanza Contest:

1Set up the targets: Determine the specific targets that your team needs to hit. These targets should be challenging but achievable. You can set targets for individual team members or for the entire team
2Select the prizes: Choose prizes that are desirable and exciting for your team members. The prizes can range from gift cards to vacations. Make sure the prizes are worth the effort your team members put into the contest.
3Communicate the contest details: Communicate the goals and rules of the contest to your team members. This will help them understand what they need to do to win and how the contest will work.

Some additional tips for running a successful Prize Bonanza Contest include:

  • Provide regular updates on progress: Keep your team members informed about their progress and the progress of their colleagues. This will help keep them motivated.
  • Make the contest fun: Incorporate fun elements into the contest, such as team challenges or games, to keep your team members engaged and motivated.
  • Recognize and reward effort: Don’t just reward the winners of the contest. Make sure to acknowledge the effort and progress of all team members.


Let’s say you’re running a Prize Bonanza Contest for your sales team. The targets are set at $100,000 in sales for the team, and $20,000 in sales for each team member. The prizes are as follows:

  • $500 gift card for each team member who hits their target
  • $1000 bonus for the team if they hit the team target
  • An all-expenses-paid weekend getaway for the top-performing team member

By following the above steps and incorporating some fun elements, you can create a successful Prize Bonanza Contest that motivates your sales team to achieve their targets.

Sales Contest Idea 2: Leaderboard Challenge

The Leaderboard Challenge is an effective way to create a sense of competition and drive motivation within your sales team. By implementing a leaderboard system, you can provide your team members with a visual representation of their progress and encourage them to push themselves to the top.

How to Implement a Leaderboard System

To implement a leaderboard system, you will need to:

  1. Determine the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your sales team. This could include the number of deals closed, the revenue generated, or any other relevant metric.
  2. Choose a tool to track and display the KPIs on a leaderboard. This could be a simple spreadsheet or a more advanced software solution.
  3. Decide how often the leaderboard will be updated. Consider updating it daily or weekly to keep your team members engaged.
  4. Communicate the leaderboard to your team. Explain the purpose of the challenge and the rewards for those who perform well.

Tips for Making the Leaderboard Challenge Engaging

Here are some tips for making the Leaderboard Challenge engaging and exciting for your sales team:

  • Use a theme or a fun name for the challenge to make it more memorable.
  • Offer enticing rewards for the top performers. These can be monetary incentives, gift cards, or other prizes.
  • Encourage friendly competition and team spirit by displaying the leaderboard in a public area of the office.
  • Incorporate gamification elements, such as badges or levels, to make the challenge more interactive.

Sales Contest Idea 3: Gamification Contest

Gamification has become a popular way to motivate sales teams and make work more enjoyable. By introducing gaming elements into your sales contest, you can encourage participation and increase engagement. Here are three ways to gamify your sales contest:

Points SystemCreate a system where sales team members earn points for completing certain tasks or achieving specific goals. The points can be redeemed for rewards or prizes at the end of the contest.
LeaderboardDisplay a leaderboard that shows sales team members’ progress throughout the contest. This will create a sense of competition and encourage team members to work harder to climb up the leaderboard.
Badges and AchievementsCreate badges or achievements that sales team members can earn for hitting certain milestones or achieving specific goals. This adds a fun and competitive element to the contest.

Remember to keep the gaming elements relevant to your sales goals and objectives. The key is to create a fun and engaging experience that motivates your team to work harder and achieve more.

Sales Contest Idea 4: Team Collaborative Challenge

The Team Collaborative Challenge is a unique sales contest that encourages teamwork and cooperation among your sales team. In this contest, team members work together to achieve a common goal, and success is measured by the team’s collective performance.

To implement this contest, divide your sales team into smaller groups and assign each group a specific goal that requires collaboration. For example, you might challenge each group to generate a certain amount of revenue from a particular client or product line. Each group member should have a specific role to play in achieving the goal, and they should work together to overcome challenges and achieve success.

  • Fosters teamwork and collaboration
  • Encourages communication and trust
  • Builds a sense of collective responsibility
  • Ensure everyone has a clear role and responsibility
  • Establish a fair and achievable goal for the team
  • Provide regular feedback and support to keep the team on track

Regular check-ins and feedback are essential to ensure that each team is on track and working effectively. You may also want to offer incentives for achieving milestones throughout the contest, such as team lunches, gift cards, or other rewards that will keep the group motivated.

The Team Collaborative Challenge is an excellent way to build unity and collaboration within your sales team, leading to better performance and lasting success.

Sales Contest Idea 5: Personal Development Competition

A Personal Development Competition is a great way to motivate your sales team to continuously improve their skills and knowledge. This type of contest can benefit both the individuals and the entire team by promoting professional growth and boosting performance.

To set up this contest, you can create a list of development goals that align with your company’s objectives. These goals can include improving product knowledge, enhancing communication skills, or mastering new sales techniques. Encourage your team members to select a personally meaningful goal and establish a timeframe for achieving it.

Development GoalsTimeline
Improve product knowledge2 months
Enhance communication skills3 months
Master new sales techniques4 months

You can also provide resources and support to help your team members achieve their goals, such as training sessions, mentorship programs or access to online courses. Regular check-ins and progress updates can help keep your team members accountable and motivated.

As your team members achieve their development goals, recognize and celebrate their achievements. You can do this by giving out awards, certificates or public acknowledgment at team meetings. Rewards can also include a bonus or an extra day off. Celebrating personal development and growth not only motivates individual members but also inspires the entire team to strive for excellence.

Sales Contest Idea 6: Recognition and Appreciation Contest

Recognizing and appreciating your sales team’s hard work is crucial for maintaining motivation. The Recognition and Appreciation Contest focuses on acknowledging and celebrating individual and team achievements.

Contest DetailsObjective
Employee of the MonthTo recognize the top-performing sales team member each month
Team Achievement AwardsTo celebrate the collective success of the sales team by rewarding them for achieving sales targets together
Personal Goals RewardsTo motivate sales team members to achieve their personal sales targets by offering individual prizes

The Recognition and Appreciation Contest can also incorporate other elements such as shoutouts during team meetings, awards ceremonies, or even company-wide newsletters. By showing your team members that you appreciate and value their hard work, you can keep them motivated and engaged, ultimately driving better results.


Sales contests can have a huge impact on the motivation and performance of your team. By implementing one or more of the six creative contest ideas we’ve discussed in this article, you can inspire friendly competition, drive results, and foster a positive and collaborative sales culture.

The Prize Bonanza Contest offers enticing rewards to motivate your team, whilst the Leaderboard Challenge creates a sense of competition, and the Gamification Contest introduces gaming elements to make the contest more enjoyable. The Team Collaborative Challenge focuses on teamwork and cooperation, the Personal Development Competition encourages skill and knowledge improvement, and the Recognition and Appreciation Contest helps to maintain motivation by acknowledging individual and team achievements.

By combining these contests or customizing them to your company’s unique needs, you can create a powerful sales contest that can help your team achieve their targets and drive success. Start implementing these contests today and witness the positive impact on your team’s performance.


Q: How can sales contests motivate my team?

A: Sales contests create a sense of friendly competition among team members, which can drive motivation and encourage them to achieve their targets.

Q: What is the Prize Bonanza Contest?

A: The Prize Bonanza Contest is a sales contest that offers enticing prizes for hitting specific targets. It is a great way to motivate your team and drive results.

Q: How can I set up the Prize Bonanza Contest?

A: To set up the Prize Bonanza Contest, you need to define the targets, determine the prizes, and communicate the rules and guidelines to your team.

Q: What is the Leaderboard Challenge?

A: The Leaderboard Challenge is a sales contest that involves creating a leaderboard system to foster competition among team members and drive motivation.

Q: How can I make the Leaderboard Challenge engaging?

A: To make the Leaderboard Challenge engaging, you can provide regular updates on the leaderboard, offer rewards for top performers, and create friendly rivalries within the team.

Q: What is a Gamification Contest?

A: A Gamification Contest is a sales contest that incorporates gaming elements to make the competition more enjoyable and encourage participation.

Q: How can I introduce gamification into my sales contest?

A: You can introduce gamification by incorporating challenges, levels, badges, and rewards into your sales contest, creating a fun and engaging experience for your team.

Q: What is the Team Collaborative Challenge?

A: The Team Collaborative Challenge is a sales contest that focuses on fostering teamwork and collaboration within your sales team.

Q: How can I encourage cooperation among team members in the Team Collaborative Challenge?

A: To encourage cooperation, you can structure the contest to require team members to work together, offer rewards for collective achievements, and foster a supportive team environment.

Q: What is a Personal Development Competition?

A: A Personal Development Competition is a sales contest that encourages team members to improve their skills and knowledge, benefiting both individuals and the entire team.

Q: How can I create a Personal Development Competition?

A: To create a Personal Development Competition, you can set goals related to skill development, provide resources and training opportunities, and track individual progress.

Q: What is a Recognition and Appreciation Contest?

A: A Recognition and Appreciation Contest is a sales contest that focuses on acknowledging and celebrating individual and team achievements.

Q: How can I organize a Recognition and Appreciation Contest?

A: To organize this contest, you can create recognition programs, offer rewards and incentives, and provide public recognition for outstanding performances.