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Clevenio helps you build relationships and get more sales with the help of multi-channel outreach, automated follow-ups and real time analytics.

“We wanted to boost our sales efforts to our target audience and the sales automation Clevenio offers has really helped us achieve better results in sales.“ – Janne Ruskovaara, Head of Sales

“We wanted to test sms automation together with email and Clevenio had a perfect solution for this. The sms seemed to really level up the effectiveness of the outreach and we will definitely use this in the future.“ – Aki Hankaniemi, Partner & Co-Owner

Working with Clevenio surpassed our expectations. We got responses from large and highly relevant companies with very little effort from our end. I don’t necessarily think we would’ve been able to book meetings with them through any other approach. We would 100% recommend Clevenio, if you’re looking to grow your business – basically in any industry. – Haris Music, CEO, Stedger

Since incorporating Clevenio into our market research strategy, we have experienced a significant improvement in our data collection processes. Clevenio has proven to be a valuable tool. We now have the capability to gather comprehensive and reliable market data, allowing us to make informed decisions with confidence. – Frederik Binow, CEO & Co-founder,

“We have been very happy with Clevenio and have already booked many sales opportunities from the cadence. We are just getting started, but our calendar is already quite full for the next spring. I have earlier tried more of a newsletter type email in my previous business, but the way Clevenio software works brings much better results.” – Timo Kosunen, Entrepreneur

Our favorable outcomes and overall satisfaction with their services compel us to confidently recommend Clevenio to others in search of an email and lead generation software.


“Clevenio’s expertise and the collaboration overall has been key for enabling us to get going with outbound lead generation. We have just started, but I believe that outbound lead generation will play an important role in our growth in the future.”  – Olli Iso-Mustajärvi, CEO, Heiaheia

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