Bislenz – Sales opportunities with SMS and Email automation

Bislenz is a Saas company that offers business decision solution for executives and managers, that automates data extraction, modeling and visualization all in one platform.

Bislenz used Clevenio for SMS and Email automation that helped them get new sales opportunities.

Sales cadence that Bislenz used in their outreach:

  1. Day 1 – Automated email
  2. Day 2 – Automated sms
  3. Day 7 – Automated email
  4. Day 8 – Automated sms

Key metrics from the cadence:

  • Email open rate: 69,9%
  • Email response rate: 15,86%
  • SMS response rate: 6,47%
  • Total response rate: 22,33%

Bislenz’s comment about Clevenio:

“We wanted to test sms automation together with email and Clevenio had a perfect solution for this. The sms seemed to really level up the effectiveness of the outreach and we will definitely use this in the future.“ – Aki Hankaniemi, Partner & Co-Owner

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