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Clevenio helps you build relationships and get more sales with the help of multi-channel outreach, automated follow-ups and real time analytics.

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Miika Lund


With the help of Clevenio, our sales rep has gained renewed energy, resulting in a substantial increase in time allocated for performing valuable tasks.

Sari Parantainen

Founder, Aarna Marketing

Clevenio has saved us a lot of time in reaching new potential customers and it has been surprising how easy it has been.

Multi-channel outreach

Reach prospects in the channels they are most active in and get statistics on what channels work for different market segments.

Automated follow-ups

Make sure your sales reps follow-up potential customers by automating the follow-ups.

Reach your target customers regularly

Build automated sales machine, that makes sure you don’t miss the buying window from your target customers.

Real time analytics

Eliminate guesswork and get analytics on what messaging, cadences and channels actually work for different market segments.

Manage your pipeline

Manage your sales pipeline all in one place.

Segment your outreach

Segment your outreach Segment your potential customers to different segments and build different sales cadences for different target segments.

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