Stedger – New suppliers with cold email

Stedger is a Danish B2B Saas platform that connects brands and retailers across Europe.

The goal of Stedger with Clevenio was to get new sales opportunities from suppliers for their platform with cold email.

What kind of email cadence Stedger used:

Day 1 – email 1, template below:

Subject: {{What email is about in two words}}
Hi {{firstName}}!

Would you be interested in {{insert ideal end result}}?

We at Stedger {{insert unique value proposition}}.

{{Insert rationale for value proposition (why they should trust that you can deliver your value proposition)}}

{{Insert CTA}}


Day 3 – email 2, template below:

I messaged you about {{subject of email}}.

Did you have a chance to read my message and is it relevant to you?


Day 7 – email 3, template below:


We have built {{what}} for {{who}}.

We have {{social proof}}

We have gotten positive feedback on {{features/end results you get positive feedback from}}.



Key metrics from the email cadence:

  • Open rate: 56,9% (opened/contacted)
  • Reply rate: 9,49% (replied/contacted)

Stedgers comments about Clevenio:

Working with Clevenio surpassed our expectations. We got responses from large and highly relevant companies with very little effort from our end. I don’t necessarily think we would’ve been able to book meetings with them through any other approach.

We would 100% recommend Clevenio, if you’re looking to grow your business – basically in any industry.” – Haris Music, CEO, Stedger

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