Looking to improve your lead generation and sales prospecting? We are comparing three popular platforms: zoominfo, cognism and rocketreach.

Each tool has unique features to help you connect with potential clients. As you read on, you’ll learn which platform might suit your needs best. Let’s start comparing these resources!

Zoominfo vs. Cognism vs. Rocketreach Comparison

When comparing Zoominfo, Cognism, and Rocketreach for data coverage, it’s important to look at their accuracy and comprehensiveness.

  • Zoominfo has a vast database with B2B contact info and intent data.
  • Cognism is known for GDPR compliance and global data verification.
  • Rocketreach provides mobile numbers and phone-verified leads for sales teams.

Each provider has different approaches to GDPR compliance. Zoominfo and Rocketreach meet GDPR and CCPA standards but have limited global data access compared to Cognism.

  • Zoominfo offers prospecting tools in various packages.
  • Cognism’s pricing includes features like Lusha data, Kaspr data, and GDPR-compliant lists.
  • Rocketreach has free and paid plans with leadIQ and Diamond Data® packages for marketing teams.

Businesses should consider the tools, features, and database coverage of these Cognism competitors to make an informed decision based on their unique needs.

Overview of the Platforms


Zoominfo stands out in comparison to Cognism and Rocketreach due to its extensive data coverage and high level of accuracy. When it comes to GDPR compliance, Zoominfo takes stringent measures to ensure the protection of user data, setting itself apart from its competitors. In terms of pricing, Zoominfo offers different packages that cater to the needs of various market teams, providing flexibility for users.

With features like phone-verified mobile numbers and intent data, Zoominfo sets itself apart as a reliable database provider in the B2B market. The tool also offers access to clearbit, Lusha, and Leadiq, enhancing the quality of leads and prospecting.

Additionally, Zoominfo’s global data coverage and verification processes make it a top choice for those seeking reliable and accurate intelligence for their marketing and sales teams.


Cognism is different from Zoominfo and Rocketreach. It offers a big database, global coverage, verified mobile numbers, and intent data for B2B sales teams.

Cognism also goes the extra mile with GDPR compliance. It gives GDPR compliant global data and verification tools to ensure quality prospecting lists.

For pricing, Cognism has competitive packages. These cater to users’ needs and provide access to marketing intelligence and clearbit features.

Cognism provides phone-verified leads and diamond data®. This gives businesses an edge with high-quality leads.


Rocketreach is a great source of contact information with a large database. It competes well with Zoominfo and Cognism, especially in data coverage and accuracy. Rocketreach is known for ensuring GDPR compliance, which is important for user data privacy and security.

When it comes to pricing, Rocketreach offers competitive packages just like its competitors. Some other options like Lusha, Leadiq, and Clearbit provide unique features for sales and marketing teams. What makes Rocketreach unique are its phone-verified leads, intent data, and high-quality information, making it stand out among B2B data providers.

Reviews also highlight Rocketreach’s global data coverage and verification processes, showing its dedication to accuracy and compliance with data regulations such as CCPA and Kaspr.

Data Coverage


Zoominfo has a large global database. It gives users access to lots of contact data and B2B leads. Compared to others like Cognism and Rocketreach, Zoominfo is known for its wide reach and accurate information. This makes it useful for sales and marketing teams.

In terms of privacy laws like GDPR, Zoominfo takes steps to follow rules closely. This ensures that user data is safe and handled correctly.

For pricing, Zoominfo has different packages to suit various needs and budgets. They offer both free and paid services. Their prices are competitive with other providers. Users get many features like intent data, mobile numbers, phone-verified leads, and clearbit integration.

Zoominfo excels with its global data coverage, quality verification, and GDPR compliance. This sets it apart from other tools in the B2B prospecting and intelligence market.


Cognism is different from competitors like Zoominfo and Rocketreach. It provides a detailed database with mobile numbers and intent data.

Cognism ensures GDPR compliance by collecting and processing data according to regulations. They offer phone-verified and GDPR compliant data.

For pricing, Cognism has different packages for sales and marketing teams. This makes it a versatile and affordable tool for lead generation.

Cognism has features like global data coverage, clearbit integration, and quality leads access. These make it a reliable B2B data provider.

While facing competition from Lusha and Leadiq, Cognism stands out due to the accuracy and intelligence of its database.


Rocketreach is a standout option compared to Zoominfo and Cognism. It offers extensive and accurate global data, including phone-verified mobile numbers and email lists for B2B marketing teams. Rocketreach puts a strong emphasis on GDPR and CCPA compliance, ensuring clear verification processes.

For pricing, Rocketreach provides free packages with basic tools and premium packages that offer intent data and diamond data® for more effective prospecting. Their specialization lies in delivering top-notch data and intelligence to help marketing and sales teams generate leads efficiently. When compared to competitors like Lusha and Leadiq, Rocketreach excels in its verification processes and positive user feedback.

GDPR Compliance


Zoominfo is a reliable resource for B2B sales and marketing teams. It offers a diverse contact database and prospecting tools. Compared to competitors like Cognism and Rocketreach, Zoominfo stands out for its global coverage and accurate data.

It also ensures GDPR compliance, giving users quality information while following data privacy regulations. Zoominfo provides various pricing packages to meet different needs, offering flexibility for users to choose the best option based on their budget and requirements.

With features like phone-verified mobile numbers, intent data, and access to other databases, Zoominfo is a popular choice for lead generation and marketing intelligence. While alternatives exist, Zoominfo’s broad coverage, verified data, and positive reviews make it a top contender in the global data provider market.


Cognism is a unique data provider in a competitive market. It offers key features that differentiate it from competitors like Zoominfo and Rocketreach.

  • Cognism’s database is GDPR-compliant, ensuring user data protection.
  • It provides accurate contact lists with phone-verified mobile numbers for sales teams.

The pricing structure is flexible and transparent with various packages to suit different needs and budgets.

  • Cognism excels in global data coverage and intent data, making it a reliable tool for prospecting and marketing.
  • Compared to alternatives like Lusha, Leadiq, and Clearbit, Cognism offers a comprehensive solution merging user intent data with GDPR-compliant global data verification.

Users have given positive feedback on Cognism’s accuracy and intelligence in providing leads and contact lists.


Rocketreach provides a database platform that competes with ZoomInfo and Cognism.

One important comparison factor is data coverage and accuracy. Rocketreach offers access to a wide range of data, including mobile numbers, emails, and phone-verified contacts.

In terms of GDPR compliance, Rocketreach ensures user data protection according to global standards.

For pricing, Rocketreach offers various packages for teams and marketing professionals at different price points.

Compared to competitors, Rocketreach’s pricing structure is competitive and offers value for money.

Users can benefit from features like intent data, quality leads, and verification tools.

For those seeking an alternative to ZoomInfo or Cognism, Rocketreach stands out with its Clearbit integration and Diamond Data® lists.

The platform has received positive reviews for accuracy, prospecting intelligence, and global data coverage compared to Cognism competitors.


ZoomInfo, Cognism, and RocketReach are platforms that help with sales intelligence.

  • ZoomInfo has a big contact database.
  • Cognism gives real-time data updates.
  • RocketReach is known for being easy to use and for integrating well with other tools.

It’s crucial for businesses to think about their specific needs before choosing a platform.