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We started in April 2022. We started to build our tech from the get-go, but early on most of our business was consulting around B2B sales. The goal was to build software that would revolutionize the way B2B sales are done, but we wanted to fund the software development by helping businesses in B2B […]

What is Sales Engagement?

Sales engagement refers to interactions between a salesperson and a prospect. Salespersons should interact with a potential buyer multiple times through different channels (e.g., email and phone) before conversion. This process should be systematic where customers aren’t contacted randomly but rather based on their engagement, position in the sales cycle, and probability of conversion. The […]

Master the Cold calling: Essential Cold Call Tips

Master the Cold calling Essential Cold Call Tips

Cold calling can be a daunting task, especially for those just starting in sales. However, it remains one of the most effective ways for companies to generate leads and increase revenue. In this article, we’ll provide you with essential tips for mastering cold calls and improving your selling techniques. With the right approach, cold calling […]

Effective Sales Cadence Strategies for Better Conversions

As a salesperson, it’s essential to have a structured approach to your communication with prospects. A sales cadence is a critical component of this communication strategy, as it determines the frequency, timing, and content of your outreach. By implementing effective sales cadence strategies, you can increase the chances of converting your prospects into paying customers. […]

What is Target Account Sales?

What is Target Account Sales?

Target account sales is a B2B sales strategy that focuses on individual prospects or customers as if they are their own unique market. Instead of targeting a wide audience, businesses can hone in on specific accounts and create personalized messaging and experiences for each one. This approach allows for a more precise and effective method […]

What is Sales Prospecting? Unlock Success in Your Sales Process with Effective Prospecting.

What is Sales Prospecting? Unlock Success in Your Sales Process with Effective Prospecting

If you want to drive business growth and success, effective sales prospecting is a must. But what exactly is sales prospecting? Simply put, it involves identifying potential customers or leads, qualifying them, and initiating contact to ultimately convert them into paying customers. While prospecting is just one aspect of the sales process, it’s a critical […]